E-Cycle's sole passion is to introduce personal green transportation alternatives to Canadian urban commuters in the form of e-cycles, a trademarked brand of Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. Our product line ranges from the retro "Vespa-like" model to futuristic "spaceship-looking" ones, all with the latest styling and features.

Brand new to Canada and now road-legal in BC, E-Cycle electric bikes, or "power-assisted bicycles," offer the economy of a bicycle (no licence, registration, insurance, gas, Air care, parking fees), with the practicality of a motor-scooter that can zip along most areas on electric power alone.

For less than the annual cost of a transit-pass, it is now possible for commuters to own their own, private "skytrain," taking exactly where they want to go, when they want to go. While less than 2% of BC's green-minded commuters regularly bike to work, surveys suggest many more BC residents would do so if it were more practical. With substantial residential repopulation in the downtown areas of major cities, more and more working professionals are choosing to live closer to their workplaces and having less and less need for a second or even a first car.

Our Mission Statement

To provide urban commuters with practical, efficient, zero-emission transportation alternatives in the form of e-cycle electric bicycles, reducing traffic congestion, greenhouse gases, and noise pollution, and increasing liveability in high-density areas.

Our Company Vision

To distribute, and promote high-quality, well-designed, and affordable electric vehicles to commuters across Canada, North America and the rest of the world.

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